Today I received a nomination from my son for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  I accepted his challenge, but decided to tweak it a bit.

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How and why did I tweak it? Well, you’ll have to watch the video for the answer, but let’s just say I took that water — or should I say the monetary equivalent of it — and put it to (what I hope to be) good use:


2 thoughts on “My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge-With a Twist

  1. lori gluck

    Franchesca! Well done video and a very significant point of view about a far reaching concern…clean water for all! Once again you have inspired me, I plan to donate to charity, thank you for opening my eyes.

    With appreciation,


    1. Fstoyer Post author

      Thanks so much Lori! I’m glad I was able to inspire you with the video! My kids had done the challenge, but instead of using water from the tap, we reused our pool water and they stood on the pool steps so the water would go right back into the pool (so no water wasted there either! 🙂 ). When my son nominated me, I accepted the challenge but wanted another way to accept the challenge without wasting water, and that’s what I came up with! It was a win win! 🙂


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