log I shared the above quote (along with a message of my own) a few weeks ago on my Instagram page. I decided I wanted to share the quote—along with my message—with you as well: More often than we’d like, we allow negative people to get the best of us and, in some cases, bring out the worst in us. By doing so, we are giving these people the power to take over our emotions. Don’t let them. Because at the… Read more » Posted by & filed under Uncategorized. This post has no comments yet.

reserve We’re about 90 days (give or take a few) into our simple living journey. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far: Reduced our boxes by more than half Significantly reduced the clutter in our garage Decluttered our kitchen and got rid of all of the “unnecessaries” (no more 4 cheese plates) Pared down our wardrobe and donated close to 100 pounds of clothing Paid off over 50 percent of our $10,000 credit card debt (thanks, in part, to a unexpected financial… Read more »

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