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  1. Fstoyer Post author buy viagra online cheapest

    Thanks Ro! And I totally hear what you’re saying — when we do something good, it’s natural for us to feel good about it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I feel amazing when I am in a position where I can help someone, and it feels equally amazing when the other person is grateful for my help. But what was the original intention behind the action? Why are you giving that bottle of water? Is it because you want to ease the suffering of someone else, or because you want a pat on the back for helping someone else? If the pat on the back was out of the equation, would you still offer the bottle of water to ease the suffering of the other person? The “hero complex”/”savior complex” is an actual thing. With the “hero complex”, in many cases people will seek out someone in need of help for the sole purpose of receiving recognition for “saving the day”, and then become resentful when they don’t get the recognition they were hoping to receive. This is where I think non-attachment comes in; doing something for someone without any attachment or expectation to the outcome of the situation. I think by incorporating the whole non-attachment thing, the ego’s getting a little less of a cut because we’re not attaching any expectations to the situation, like how it looks to others, etc. But I don’t necessarily know if the ego can be eliminated from the equation entirely, at least for me at this point, because I do still have some attachment to outcome — things like I hope that my good deed will inspire others to do good deeds, which hopefully will make everybody a little nicer. But like you said, I think the bottom line is that it comes down to taking right action from right intention. I think if we can at least get there, then that’s a start. <3 xoxo

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